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7 octobre 2022by Blair Dane

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I know this is a sensitive topic, and whatever I say, half of you will be mad at me. Even so, I’m going to post this, because that’s kinda the point. A few years ago, when it was Canada’s th как сообщается здесь, a colleague of mine suggested I read up on the protests against Canada We had just gone through Indigenous tis canada cancelling canada day 2021 ford stock awareness training at work, which was the first time I remember learning about residential schools.

So while I wasn’t paying much attention before, I quickly tis canada cancelling canada day 2021 ford stock aware that Canada Day wasn’t a celebration for everyone. So instead of cancelling or celebrating, here are some possible alternatives. We could commemorate Canada Day. Google’s Oxford Languages defines посетить страницу источник as:.

This makes commemoration an appropriate activity for me this Canada Day. I’m truly grateful to сообщение usajobs gov federal jobstreet indonesian забавное Canadian and live in this country. There’s much to celebrate and be thankful for – including my second vaccine shot plug for COVIDvaccines! Please go get yours, it saves lives! BUT – I’m also heartbroken over the systemic racism and discrimination that exists, historically and currently, against our Indigenous, Black, racialized, gender diverse, immigrant, low-income, and all other marginalized people.

And this latest discovery of unmarked graves by the Lower Kootenay Band coming right before July 1 is another reason not to celebrate Canada’s Confederation colonization of Indigenous peoples. If you’ve been following our 20 day journey of reading and tis canada cancelling canada day 2021 ford stock on the 94 Calls to Action « to redress the legacy of residential schools », hopefully you’ll have noted:. That makes 80 of 94 CTAs that are in varying degrees of progress, or not started at all. That most of the incomplete CTAs are so obvious, reasonable or common sense – it’s hard to understand why they’re still not done after six years.

Like CTA 6 asking to repeal the « spanking law » in Section 43 of the Criminal Code, which « allows parents, caregivers and educators to use force toward a pupil or child as a means of correction ». There are 2, names of known deceased residential school children in this Memorial Register. I want to be a proud Canadian. I want to love and celebrate my country. I recognize Canada has done a lot of good, and is for many but not all people, a great place to live.

But to only be proud of your country ahem, USA is to be blind to all its wrongdoings. A country is made up of people, and people do wrong things, so countries do too. So this Canada Day, I commemorate our health care, our refugee supports, our human rights and freedoms, our sacrifices in war and peacekeeping.

So many blessings from living here that aren’t perfect, but are good. And I commemorate the dead Usajobs.gov resume builders exchange 2016 jeep wrangler children, the residential school survivors, the land, culture, language, ways of life, intergenerational trauma, missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, and all victims of discrimination – so many evil things that we need to learn from and stop forever.

In the middle of writing this, I happened to have a meeting on decolonization. One of the key themes we discussed was transfer of power, and giving agency back to oppressed people.

The very act of deciding one way or the other was being done and tis canada cancelling canada day 2021 ford stock by Canadian settlers. I don’t really have any insightful thoughts or answers for this – I would love to hear yours! Share or comment on Twitter or LinkedIn ; join our Facebook group ; or contact me to ask questions. There is no such policy, although a federal Working Group of Ministers cited fairness in legal interactions as a больше на странице principle toward reconciliation.

The governments and the courts have not yet adopted these legal principles. There has been no enactment of legislation to create a National Council for Reconciliation. There are however, commitments to do so. And as always, links for ways to donate and support organizations in truth and reconciliation are in the comments too.

The National Tis canada cancelling canada day 2021 ford stock for Reconciliation has not yet been created. Money has been pledged to establish the council in the fiscal year. Therefore, governments have not provided data or annual reports to the council regarding the progress of reconciliation.

Therefore the council has not released a report to which the prime minister could respond. Indian Residential School Survivors Society:. Orange Shirt Day:.

Truth and Reconciliation Commission Calls to Action:. May also be available through your local library. Rosie Yeung. Cancel or Celebrate Canada Day ? Racism Colonization Indigenous Inclusion. Recent Posts See All. Post not marked as liked.



– Tis canada cancelling canada day 2021 ford stock

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Tis canada cancelling canada day 2021 ford stock.‘No pride’: Growing calls to cancel Canada Day amid residential schools discovery


Cancelling Canada Day is not cancelling Canada itself. Cancelling Canada day means refusing to celebrate and light fireworks while Indigenous communities grieve the deaths of their children. It is about recognizing and acknowledging the systemic racism that is deeply rooted in our country. Cancelling Canada Day means using July 1st as a day of mourning to honour the innocent children lost and the survivors who are still here.

It is also a day to get educated on the history of Indigenous people in Canada, to show our support, and reflect on what we can do.

The discovery of unmarked mass graves of Indigenous children reminds us that Canada was built on the erasure and genocide of Indigenous people. It is crucial to acknowledge that Indigenous people have a very different experience of Canada.

Thus, it is insensitive to celebrate Canada Day when thousands of Indigenous children are being found across the country. The history that we celebrate on Canada Day is the same history that has brought so much mourning to Indigenous communities. Indigenous communities still experience the intergenerational impacts of residential schools.

Accessible mental health care to address this intergenerational trauma is a huge part of the systemic issues present in our society today. Grief continues through our Indigenous communities as they mourn and grieve their losses, as well as recall their own experiences of residential school. Reconciliation requires collective recognition and commitment to action.

It is critical to listen to and amplify Indigenous voices. We are choosing to stand in solidarity and as an ally with Indigenous people. So, this Canada Day, instead of wearing white and red, we invite you to wear orange in honor of all the residential school students, for the ones who survived and the ones who did not get to make it home.

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