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Further information, including times and location of all events, can be found on the Comox Valley Canada Day website. This Canada Day event has a full day of activities, starting with a pancake breakfast and ending with a Festival of Lights display. Fun for all ages. Further information, including times of all events, can be found on the Campbell River Canada Day Event website.

The parade features many creative floats all of which start on Stamp Avenue outside of the Catalyst Parking lot. The Parade will start at the sound of the Steam Whistle around am from the Baldwin Steam Train which will be about 1. Once at the Quay, the party takes over with many vendors set up for all to enjoy!

Events happen all day and into the evening at Harbour Quay. Head to the Village Green from — pm for some Canada Day festivities. Expect artisans, kids activities, local vendors, Free hot dog BBQ, and live music. If you know of any other Canada Day Celebrations on Vancouver Island, please let me know in the comments below. Thank you for the reminder. Honeymoon Bay at the Honeymoon Bay Hall starts at 10am, with scholarship awards at am. Love receiving your email every Friday although it makes me realize how fast a week goes by!

Oh no! And I got this too late I was out enjoying all those festivities. I actually did a search for Ladysmith when I wrote this post, but nothing came up. Perhaps I was a bit too early.

Thank you for letting me know! I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day. Thank you for being a weekly reader! And yes, I quite agree…the weeks do fly by just a little too fast.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Oh, Canada! Our home and native land… Vancouver Islanders sure know how to celebrate this glorious country we live in.

Vancouver Island Fall Bucket List Spring Break Activities Best Romantic Restaurants on Vancouver Island Bonnie Morgan 3 years ago Reply. It would have been nice to see Port Alberni on the list as we have many events happening. Kim Parcher 3 years ago Reply.

Katherine Worsley 3 years ago Reply. Youbou in Arbutus Park starts at 10 am Food, Music, activities and fun for kids until 2pm Honeymoon Bay at the Honeymoon Bay Hall starts at 10am, with scholarship awards at am. Thank you so much for all the info!! Cathy : 5 years ago Reply. How to play: Use your arrow keys to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one!. But now with doge there is such doge.

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– Canada day vancouver island 2048 unblocked youtube musicians friend


In the video below I’ll cover how to Homes, offices, factories, shops, museums, schools, you name it. Scans are captured from any compatible camera, including the phone What is your experience with live video chat within a Matterport tour? Use WGAN tag search for stats to make content. Get access to stats, links to reputable resources and more. Thank you Dan. Check it out! Using Mailchimp to promote.

Offer Photos 1st. For example, this month I had several small jobs booked for HDR photos only, but delivered a MP tour as well as an end-of-year thank you. Happy New Year, Dan. Any US-based users find per-foot pricing successful? It appears the target market for this offering is multi-unit properties. The sample tour is for a student housing facility. Their pricing model is pretty pricey and they charge a beefy monthly service fee, too. The pricing would be reasonable for that kind of situation, but not for a single family residence.

Of interest to me is that the One of my top clients shot over a hundred properties for her recently was selling a home in Malibu, not on the beach but nearby. Do you have showrooms in your market? Excellent opportunity for Matterport. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen, and Lighting Question of the Day: Will you increase your rates effective 1 January ?

Happy holidays, Dan. Loss Leader Christmas Gift idea Beginning January we will then include the webpage as part of a package which will include images, a one minute teaser video , and webpage. Inman: Defend your commission! Still trying to wrap my head around how Kevin pulls off 3D mapping in a budget friendly way. Inman: 5 strategies for getting more clients without meeting face to face.

Reach out to current clients via text 2. Use website chat to attract new leads 3. Try email marketing 4. Respond to client reviews 5. Leverage video While the article is written for real estate agents, all Has anyone done an Anniversary Sale for their business? I posted this offer on Facebook and I send a message to everyone selling their house by themselves thru website in my surrounding.

I received Often I know when a realtor is going to call for service because they will pay past due invoices. Then call for new service. The Captate Guide to Virtual Tours in The use of virtual tours for customization and collaborative design of residential and office space has still not seen wide adoption.

Read more With that in mind, we Video: Matterport for Residential Real Estate. I used some screen capture app that allows to do them after screen recording but realised there is no much I can do about the text size. I gave up and used Filmora to assemble, put music and make the subtitles. And even Filmora is quite easy to use their text features are a bit weird.

Some text effects come with extensive customization options but some and this includes the subtitles have very limited It always goes back to cost. Even when I point out their time could be spent cultivating new deals. Question of the Day: How do you stay top-of-mind with your customers?

Particularly customers that potentially can only engage you a few times a year. Matterport versus point-to-point virtual tour. Here comes – What’s a « successful MSP » in terms of scanning volume? I expect even Jeff Bevos ponders ‘How can I earn more’ but we in America place too much emphasis purely on monetary gain.

Is your family healthy and happy? Are your kids on track to become smarter than us one day? Are we making choices based not only on dollars but what kind of planet we will leave to our Example MSP websites with Matterport tours? This is an honest question for Eli- When Chucky Cheapskate under orders 25 photos for a SF, million dollar waterfront pool home and then wants to know why you didn’t shoot 2 angles of the master bedroom If so, please post an example of how you are promoting.

If not, why not? Candidate Kelley Cours Anderson, M. Candidate Kelley Cours Anderson kcoursa , M. Discontinuing 3D scanning after 4 years. I wish to you and your wife all the best.

Matterport marketing statistics I think it’s a real shame Matterport don’t distribute a few soundbite stats and keep them up to date every year as it’s compelling information needed for customers coming to the technology for the first time. The stats I’m looking for I have been using photogrammetry for about 15 years and it definitely has got easier and faster but if there is a faster, easier, price appropriate process why not use it.

I just thing there is still some specific uses for photogrammetry but now days the price of 3d scanners are dropping and accuracy is better I think What do you wish you had working for you that you haven’t had time to get done yet? I’ll start I haven’t kept up so let me know what you think is essential to get up and running that will give one the edge.

Question of the Day: Do you offer an incentive for clients to refer you? Question of the Day: About what percentage of new customers are referrals? How real estate agents can help increase lead-generation with Matterport. Matterport services. The first is Aerial Drone Photography. The second is Full production exterior Video with Drone Footage and custom music.

Is this just for the internet such as Realtor. The pictures that are exported from Matterport Do you feel like you are on a hamster wheel and can not get everything done? Are you so busy that you are turning away business? Charge more at least for new clients 2. Double your income with In the mean time, for: 1. MyVirtualTours getting promoted by all the affiliate sellers. It makes me think of all the previous pitches I listened to that make similar claims about other industries.

Question of the Day: Number 1 objection for MP and how do you overcome? I’ve heard some agents voice some displeasure at this but are nevertheless trying to accomodate. How to seamlessly integrate live video chat within a Matterport Tour. Lots of different virtual tour tech used in this marketing video.

Your thoughts? Tip of the Week: « Why you must focus on a niche market ». It may not be obvious, but it DOES apply to: 1. Matterport proving to be a hard sell. Your competitor might be a great referring agent to you! Would offering video Virtual tours level off as home showings continue unseasonable increase. I think the focus is on « Showings » as defined as a tour with an agent present, either an in-person tour of a property or a « live virtual tour » conducted online.

The president of ShowingTime stated in the article that virtual showings in September were 0. The numbers don’t How a full-service architecture firm positions the use of Matterport. In this video, she talks about the Matterport technology and how she uses it for all her listings.

This is a trade, not a get rich quick scheme breaking into a new industry. So many real estate agents get a license and think they’ll make large sums of cash. Agents get in, sell a friend or family members home, starve and drop out to a part time job and rarely get back in. Happening a ton with photographers as well. Ebay always has Showcase your website? Free use of Asteroom Professional Subscription Plan 9. I am working on that part next Marketing for Realtors??

Looks like you are in Buffalo. Joining Multiple Buildings with Asteroom. Tours can be crafted with far fewer images. That said, take a look at this Your monthly plans still need to help with costs to fund your tour slot plus other slots not currently being used. Fund the plan, compete with Matterport is stepping on MSPs again, trying to sell direct to our clients. Example 1. Introducing the Matterport Pro 2 Camera Scan YOUR job site Inman 10 Sept. Past Clients 2. Pipeline 3.

Colleagues 4. Vendors and ancillary partners 5. Friends and family Dan — The Inman article is lengthly commentary. I encourage you to subscribe to Inman to How Asteroom got me to switch from Matterport. We have shot more than 2 dozen properties since we recently implemented this. Our realtors are much happier with the time savings since I can shoot any house in 15 minutes or less. I have yet to hear a buyer state that « This tour wasn’t immersive enough ».

IN fact, most buyers are layman in terms of cameras and cannot tell the difference. A matterport has consistent misalignment issues in post and it often Question of the Day: Does your shoot include 2 or more Add On services? Such as: 1. Photos 2. Video 3. Zillow 3D Tour 5. Floor Plans 6. Drone Photos 7. Drone Video 8. Twilight 9. Virtual Twilight Why is the ‘we-get-around’ forum so incredibly spammy on email? So in summary : my mistake! Question of the Day: Should you get paid at closing?

No closing; No pay? Whichever comes first. You can accomplish this through most payment platforms, such as Square. This option also gives an opportunity to touch bases with the agent. I « follow » the listing you can do this by including it as a favorite listing on Is that a business – or volunteer – opportunity for you? Matterport Pro? It included 54 panos – 13 of which were exterior panos. The of panos will vary by project – for example, large open spaces will require fewer panos than individual offices with connecting halls, and complex layouts.

If you are shooting with a relatively low resolution camera, you will need substantially more images to capture a decent level of zoom in detail, especially of larger rooms.

A Theta Z1 would How to Join the Asteroom Photographer Network free for potential leads. Sounds like we are talking about two different things.

Or, let me try to say a different way. Every time that you do a real estate photography shoot, do your clients engage you to do a Matterport tour? Thanks, Dan. When you are starting out, or even if you have been in business for a while, it seems like it makes sense to come in at a lower price point and « steal » business from your competitors.

This is not a good practice for a number of reasons. If you are competing on price, everyone loses. By offering a low price, you devalue Lowest cost Matterport 3D provider in the US.

What do people charge these days for Matterport? I feel like I might be charging too much, but without continuing the discussion I have to rely on the search results I see and I feel like those could be misleading. It’s likely that half of all real estate agents that would like to use Asteroom would like to engage a Pro to shoot. For real estate agents to find more sellers, then need to emphasize their virtual marketing services.

That’s you!!!! Knowing that finding home sellers is a pain point for real estate agents during the pandemic, are you encouraging agents to emphasize their virtual marketing services?

That’s you!!! For more on this topic, please see Mattervids is another great option, as it gets rid of the UI. Matterport is being really slow at providing any info, but I was wondering if you or the community came across any success stories and any financial metrics that would help?

This is the exact Facebook Lead ad that I ran for Realtors who wanted facebook lead generation for buyer leads, and I Offering Campus Tours? It’s a valuable lesson and will make you smile. Webinar: Ultimate Canva Masterclass for real estate social media marketing. From the Redfin YouTube Channel: « Your local Redfin real estate agent will price your home right, so you sell for more than the one next door.

Add On: if your real estate agent clients only engages you to shoot photos. Ideal, actually! And no hosting cost!! Question of the Day: Your Matterport special offer for first time clients? Commercial space, etc. Projecting tours on walls projection mapping. Question of the Day: Longest time between quoting project and engagement? Wayfinding Strategies. Inman: Want more good buzz? Put in your email signature and whenever they praise you send them the link. Robot virtual tour guide.

Why not add a virtual robots within a normal Matterport showcase page, it will look like the one you mentioned in your topic. But a 3D object that be added to the Matterport showcase to be a robot guide for showcase viewers.

This virtual robot can be added by Matterport SDK bundle. ADA Compliance is not a scam here is why. First it’s not expensive to start NONE of the instances you want to bring up had tried in the first place. In another post I made here I told you how to do it Idea: Custom Face Masks with your brand?

Or, your clients’ brand? Just want to Celebrate. How do we see the 3D Virtual Reality Future – where we right? Thanks for sharing. Businesses, restaurants, hotels, schools – it’s so perfect. Persuading them is harder, but I am building up a good set of examples.

There is also high demand for tours of yet to be built properties. Please share it here or start a new discussion. What is your most successful marketing tactic? Want to know more Do you own the organic Google My Business real estate in the top right corner of Google search? Open productpage inside thetour likein 3Dvista but in Matterport or similar.

Some of them like the hosted tour if they do private events and such, Some just want me to publish to Streetview and call it a day. Showrooms are also good. I just got a signed contract to build a tour for an outdoor furniture Real estate office agent meeting: what would you pitch in 10 minutes?

You might want to use some of the Inman information he brought up : DanSmigrod private msg quote post Address this user plus 1plus 1plus 10 Inman 24 June Stop letting strangers into your listings! And it’s true. You can do that. What they do not understand is that the market has changed and the focus is now on the online audience.

They are the ones buying most of the properties. You need to convince Realtors this sells houses in today’s market. Especially in today’s market! It could not be a better time for This post was inspired by the Barnes Creative Studios Do you have a preferred CRM to recommend?

Salesforce, Hubspot? I forget who they partner with Their DNS is cheap and bulletproof and auto-configured when you use them for registrar. Fair warning, it is a very technical tool. Their hosting is very good too, but you need to know how to manage a server.

Otherwise you are better off with someone like BlueHost. Top Producer is one I’ve heard a lot that is subscription. But part of what they pay the broker percentage for is things like that. I’d say check and see what’s non-subscription first as getting into real estate is incredibly tough.

I’ve tried Captur3D and used their deliverables and their delivered analytics. I also see where it can be used at the listing presentation. And this is a real estate example. And so the media player, I described it quickly before, but it’s a way to combine multiple forms of media into a single player that can be embedded on any website. So this This version supports multiple currencies any , the purchase of multiple e-tickets in one transaction, and a ‘free demo’ setup option that 3D Technicians can use to demonstrate the possibilities to venue hosts.

Coming really, really soon! Converting Matterport to Video. Software system used? Tiered Matterport Packages. Not really worth the time. When matterport, Inman or WSJ reports this please post here. Anyone going to inman now try to ask this to a bigwig on video? What is your pricing strategy for charging for Matterport tours over time?

Since Matterport has changed to 25 or 50 or whatever active sites, how are you handling the realtor charges, do you have a set time frame. Or, are you moving away On going saga for Matterport. Google My Business listings fall into two categories. As the data is unverified Google rank it lower on the scale.

Once someone claims the Do Realtors Think You’re « Cheap? Explaining the difference between a virtual tour and a slide show. Join , Die or Migrate We are all in this together, so we have a large « eco system » to beat back their attempts to control OUR businesses. Thank you Dan for putting this together so we can freely share and learn from each other what needs to be done.

Anyone want to buy a After-all, any buyer has at least 5 ways to cancel the contract and get their earnest money returned. So, get under contract to tie the property up, do your due dil and inspections, decide for sure you wish to proceed with the purchase. Everyone’s happy! Realtor states MP tour too complicated.

I’ve been training agents for 30 years. Theres a reason real estate technology lags years behind other sectors. Focus on the agents who get it. There’s plenty of agents who focus on the populations who do crave these tools, And the rest will get it, Or not. I am 60 years old. I just don’t feel the need for it anymore.

If you are a younger person starting out, more power to you. At this age, I value having my weekends. If a great client asked me to do a shoot on a Saturday or Sunday and had a good reason, I would do it. We are in a time period when people send a message, they expect a reply right away. Have you done a Matterport of a messy house or? I can’t really share the model I shot Friday.

Ah yes We call them « collectors » in the insurance world. I like that term. Whatever they collect it’s important to them I’ve been in houses where the whole house was 4 feet deep and there was a path through it, but not with my Matterport. Golden rules apply They have submission forms for their clients, but obviously they have no other contact information.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Sponsoring a Pitch Meeting for Brokers. I am looking into becoming an affiliate. All the meetings are being done virtually for now. I guess it’s time I start working on a powerpoint. Pricing for commercial scanning, matterport? Zanzucchi with 3D RoomScapes. This show will inspire you. Sell 3D marketing as tool top get buyers first to offer technology. Question of the Day: Do you get Shout-Out video testimonials while on-site? Perhaps someone here will review SoTellUs app and suggest a much better name 😎 for it!

Case Studies: how to get them from clients? The best time to do the smartphone video is while you are on-sight at the end of all your work. For ongoing clients, you may find that that are willing to do a shout-out video that talks JamesDuffy ifti. It’s interesting. I know about the toggle for the 3d floorplan. I toggle the Eyespyplan Autostart ‘On’ so that when the tour starts, the 3d model is the first scene.

Gives a sense of « coolness » when the tour starts. When you do that and go back to the tour, the 3d floor plan doesn’t show up in the bottom left Guess I think I prefer having the 3d floorplan at the bottom left, unless Eyespy adds that in eventually.

That’s great. How about text? I think I need to shut up I bet eyespy staff just nodded their heads till I get my own and play with it. When I do I will check on your branding Question of the Day: How can you get home seller leads to give to clients? Something like eyespy? How great is that? More spam for my inbox. This one picked the first two. Dan Smigrod making things fun since that you can use today to get more. Very interesting.

They could at least outfit their employees with cameras. This is nothing more than a Facetime chat with an agent. Question of the Day: Phone ringing off the hook to order Matterport Tours? Can you ask a different way?

EyeSpy Marketing material. Virtual Showing within Tour. I have been talking to clients about it but don’t have a solid example yet. I would share credit, etc.

Some realtors have a solution — the virtual tour, » reports Newsday. Considering 3D Virtual Tour Business. I see the discrepancy in how you feel about pricing has a lot to do with where we live. I’m not sure if it works in Australia, or whatever part of Australia you are in. It’s about all about the No jobs, no calls nothing since March 17 harry. Zillow – Capturing free, easy 3D tours. It’s getting there but slow moving.

Hope you are well. Virtual Open Houses: Are you working with agents to provide this? Better to have one photographer shoot the home, in order to allow numerous others see the property, than allow people to view homes.

Agents and anything RE related are considered essential here in MD. Matterport: the Irony of Competing with Pros. Enjoying the rush of business? Don’t and here is why. This is a unique moment for us and we need to learn and advance while we’re stuck at home. Going forward, many more people will be asking agents « will you be doing a virtual tour?

I got a call today from an agent I don’t know. Here’s how it As the service is made on a weekly basis I think it’s different than a regular capture. I think we can go on a recurring fee on a monthly basis. Does James gave you some north on it for us? Many thanks. Who’s including Zillow 3D tours with your services? I just did not know if you needed to attribute the tour somehow to the listing agent, but it goes with the property, not the agent.

Knowing how to have a virtual open house with the agent live and able to talk to the buyers is crucial. It gives buyers special access and answers to questions without waiting. It also adds value to the I am NEW in Matterport.

What was your major mistakes and wins? Collecting 3rd party articles about 3D Virtual Reality – Have any? Sink or Swim? Putting Matterport Tours on Apartments. But Costars also owns the following company: Apartments.

Unbranded Matterport Tours. Great 3rd party video to help you sell Matterport. In today’s video, I’m sharing ideas for Realtors to keep their business going, even with Take an online course! This one is free! Do you see any conspiracy against virtual tours in the following situation. IN one home they installed a smaller shower base and decided to frame in the shower wall around that, so there was an additional almost two feet of dead space inside a wall cavity that was easily knocked out to make the shower that much wider!

Point is not trying to preach to the choir that the Working for an exchange of services Consider though that there are tax implications to barter. We had a barter exchange club here locally – EVERY member ended up getting audited for TY , some having to pay additional tax, penalty and interest.

Don’t know the particulars beyond that, just be careful and document, document, document. Best, Keith. View from Your « Matterport Office ». When the Matterport tour of this large space is ready, can you start a new discussion with what you learned from doing such a large space?

A Matterport 3D Tour can save real estate deals trying to close on lockdown. I have saved two deals in last 2 weeks because the agent did not know; used my advice and saved the deals.

If you had a Matterport 3D virtual tour done it automatically gives precise measurements. If you are the buyers agent ask seller agent and it might save the deal Dan — Hi Dan, Hope you and your family are staying safe and doing well I am still a bit confused on how I can add a Matterport tour to my Constant Contact eblast.

Because of the virus we have been doing How to get potential in-bound leads from Apartment Communities. At 1 pm ET this Can this allow the agent to switch view to other properties with the client s still there? I have been informed that there is something coming out that does that. I use it frequently for video chats.

Be safe, Dan. Replaced by Virtual Open House? Real Estate Broker: [Matterport] « seals the deal with the listing ». Or, to get a similar shout-out testimonial video from one or more of your clients? Inman: Northwest MLS halts open houses amid coronavirus crisis. Inman: Coronavirus drives adoption of virtual tours and Video. You are helping people! Then if they Thank you. Facebook offer ad grant for businesses affected. This is going to be extremely helpful for some of the hardest hit industries, like restaurants, health and beauty, gyms, etc.

I could Matterport jumps on the Coronavirus bus. Obviously, as Matterport Service Providers, we would prefer that Matterport create the demand with the call-to-action to engage a Pro.

On a tactical note, I am super-surprised Matterport would use that geeky, spider-web artwork to try to communicate an immersive, walk-around Here is the link that we used during the show People still leave their normal lives going to work, shopping and parks.

If it turns into something really ugly so people prefer to stay home nobody will be buying properties. So, how do you overcome this objection?

Video: How to accept a deposit to confirm a Matterport shoot. See the Castle example above for the best walkthrough style you can achieve. It’s not as extensive as Matterport. I used their web app to build this tour, not the mobile app.

I have the mobile app and it seems to work very similarly, but I have not tested it. What to charge residential builders for Matterport?

I have one client that gave me homes last year, and he’s on track to double that this year with his expanded team. The deal I have with him, and him only, is that that I don’t bill by sq ft, I bill by number of scans. I have a flat rate for any homes up to 99 scans. If it’s over scans I charge an additional fee for that.

I explain how Matterport pricing works and I basically How might you use this Matterport marketing video to help you get more Matterport Service Provider Question of the Day: How are you using Instagram for your Matterport biz? The Community Podcast Ep. Matterport Measurement Mode Announcement! I don’t understand this new pricing structure as it does not benefits me as a service provider at all.

I have tours that I have to keep them active for a very long time, yes the client paid me a premium so it justifies hosting them for them. Who has the time to send out hundreds of invoices a month for coins for hosting its a waste of time, chasing clients for these payments? We need self-hosting option yesterday This is purely meant for just quick organization. Best camera and tour software for inventory building. With another camera model such as the Insta cameras – but there are many more – you are independent from Matterport and can copy the tour wherever you want.

Any hosting provider will be OK, although some Virtual Tour hosting companies offer additional services, such as more or less sophisticated software to compose I like the background music too, it fits very well. Can you share how you blended the video file to the Matterport Tour?

I am new to this but I can’t see how a client wouldn’t love your work, I am very impressed, Jim. You get wp3dmodels free. Glad you are bouncing back from your health challenges. How to Shoot, Upload, Free Tour Giveaway: Promotion for Agents? How do you collect payment on Matterport Tours, Photography, Video, etc.?

Glad to hear. Help Needed: Review and recommend changes to EyeSpy marketing piece. Recently, I asked Andrew, CEO of EyeSpy, if he might put together a marketing piece to assist us in selling these services to prospective clients. The following link contains 2 files: affremedia. Marketing Matterport: What if you could [benefits]? You can! Here’s how Vid: Imagine getting paid more than commodity pricing for Matterport tours!

Transcript: S. To take Wingman’s comment just a bit further, it would be great to create a working group of some sort to create the « ideal » generic scripts, which could then be made more custom depending on the situation. Virtual tour website and showcase platforms. Question of the Day: What differentiates you from other Matterport Pros?

All, This is likely the most important Question of the Day – this year. Knowing what differentiates you – and communicating to potential and existing clients what differentiates you – will help you get paid more than commodity pricing. What differentiates you? Enjoy your weekend, Dan. No need for After Effects, though it’s also a great application. The top window of my current website has a video of a Matterport walkthrough – Home3D.

Question of the Day: What is the one objection that you hear most often? Looking forward to hearing the first 45 minutes. House I was shooting was in a dead area for cell service. Creative concept: – The year of digital twins. I take it slow in the video to explain each step, but you should be able to create and customize each project in a couple short minutes once you know what you are doing.

In the video above I created the following deliverables page, property website, and media player. You will notice my logo and branded background color. This will match your branding as well once you have it set up. Since I am located in Kansas City and kc.

Here are a few example projects I have under You can directly and easily place orders now on our website here! Why do real estate agents do Open Houses? That’s why I include a stand alone 3D Tour set to music on a continuous loop, with all my jobs.

Many of my clients set up their laptop or tablet at the open house and just let it run all day. They say it helps to show that they use the best technology to market and sell their homes, and it works. Almost all say the 3D tour on display has greatly enhanced their open houses. Is it possible to add Matterport tours to Vimeo?

Thank You, Marshall. More remarkable is that this state Alabama is a so-called « buyer beware » state where buyers Question of the Day: What is your minimum work order?

But, even for those I do not I takes the extra steps to make sure that the services in which I provided are being used to their fullest potential.

My takeaway: Every real estate agent using Matterport should be doing a media release like this! Selling tactics for Business tour services.

Why Choose. Get more listing presentations 2. Win more Tip: Do you have a « use it [budget] or lose it » year-end corporate client? Between now and 31 December , I urge you to reach out to your corporate clients to see if they want to pre-paid for Matterport scanning before the end of this year.

You do not even need to offer these clients a discount for pre-paying. Plus, simply ask them the amount Video: What is the value proposition of a real estate agent? It may help you define your value proposition. For example: Value Proposition 1: I am a real estate photographer. And, for out of state, or out of country buyers, it’s a must have for sure.

The only way that happens is because of some competitive situation, or that the listing agent A transcript of this Short Story appears below. First, some backstory. My vision for your Matterport Service Provider business is that one day, you will land a trusted client that will want to place one order for Matterport A great way to promote your brand across the web as your clients display and share the player.

Which is also great for SEO purposes! Screenshot below showing you the location of where your business name would be with a link to your website. Using Matterport to document a client booth at an event. Plus, Ricoh Theta Z1 makes the capture faster and less intrusive. And, thanks for sharing! There are a lot of initiatives that also could be supported, like Participaction, getting people more fit. If we can get children more fit and eating more nutritiously, this is a key factor in preventing people from having type 2 diabetes, so that is an action that the government could take.

When it comes to pharmacare, the Liberals have been talking about this since Many provinces have plans already in place, and there is a very small number of Canadians who do not have coverage, but in particular there are people with diabetes who are not able to afford their medications. It is a larger cost to the system overall and something that should be addressed and could be quickly addressed through organizations like Diabetes Canada.

In terms of this framework, obviously I am a passionate advocate as well for eliminating diabetes and doing everything we can to help those individuals.

I, as well as the Conservative Party, will be supporting this private member’s bill. The member is to be commended for her continued advocacy and for her persistence in bringing more and more good ideas to the table.

We can see from the reaction of the various parties that everyone wants to work together, alongside the provinces and territories and our indigenous organizations, to make sure that all people living with diabetes receive the help they need. Diabetes is one such disease. More and more people are aware of diabetes because a growing number of Canadians and Quebeckers are being diagnosed with it.

Personally, the disease has not affected me or any of my family members or friends. Juliette was 13, and she came to Parliament Hill to raise parliamentarians’ awareness of a disease that tends to be poorly understood by the general public, type 1 diabetes. This disease generally appears in young people under 20 and is characterized by the total absence of insulin production. People with this type of diabetes must have daily insulin injections or be fitted with an insulin pump to survive.

This young girl captured my attention the moment I met her. A few words that come to mind when I think of her are eloquent, precise, determined and brave. She wants to help advance the research on a potentially life-threatening disease that she has had since she was 11 years old.

That is why she got involved in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which could not ask for a better ambassador. Juliette took a personal problem and used it as an opportunity to shine the light on a disease that affects nearly , people in Canada.

She convinced me to get more involved in this cause and she used her disease to become a force for change. That is wonderful to see. I thank the member for Brampton South for introducing Bill C , which seeks to establish a national framework for diabetes.

Section 2 of the bill explains that the national framework must include measures to:. Bill C gives the government one year to develop the strategic framework and five years to report on its effectiveness.

The bill provides for the strategy to be designed in consultation with the provincial governments and Quebec. Certain aspects of clause 2 fall under the jurisdiction of Quebec and the provinces. I already mentioned Juliette, who is living with type 1 diabetes, and now I would like to talk briefly about the two other kinds of diabetes, type 2 and gestational diabetes.

In Canada in , of the more than 3. This type of diabetes usually appears in adulthood, in individuals 40 years of age and older. Because of rising obesity rates, diabetes is starting to appear in increasingly younger populations, sometimes as early as childhood in certain risk groups.

People with type 2 diabetes cannot properly use the insulin made by their bodies, and they eventually produce less and less of this essential hormone. In most cases, this gestational diabetes disappears after the birth, but the mother is at risk of developing type 2 diabetes in the years that follow.

It goes without saying that women should be monitored properly in the months and years after they give birth. That being said, we can all agree that this bill provides a framework that proposes objectives, actions and ambitions that have already been broadly discussed in several specialized forums, including the annual meetings of doctors who specialize in endocrinology and pediatric endocrinology. Seminars, symposiums and research institutes also investigate this sometimes misunderstood and long-stigmatized disease, which may affect more than Canada is the birthplace of the discovery of insulin.

This year marks the th anniversary of that discovery, and it is to Canada’s credit that it is allocating resources to the advancement of research into diabetes, among other things. This is precisely where the government should be providing support, in addition to increasing transfers, of course.

Research into diabetes and medical treatment for it are advancing quickly. Note that the fact that there are five different types of diabetes has eluded researchers until very recently. Having looked at cases characterized as atypical, these researchers are better prepared to prevent the onset of the disease and better treat people who develop it.

Also in , American scientists in California grew insulin-producing cells in a laboratory. They describe their work as a major breakthrough that could lead to a cure for type 1 diabetes. I invite interested colleagues to read the journal Nature Cell Biology to learn about the science that could lead to a cure for insulin-dependent diabetes within a few years.

The prevalence of this disease is alarming, especially with children developing type 2 diabetes, which used to affect only adults, so the need for research will grow. This was a question asked earlier by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance. We may not have the same figures, as the member for Brampton South had a different figure, but it is important to remember that a great deal of money could be directed to other issues if we could find a cure for diabetes.

I spoke about Juliette at the beginning of my speech. What is she doing now, three years after our first meeting? She continues her advocacy with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. She was surprised to see just how young some MPs are.

Several are in their thirties, and some are even in their twenties. I believe that she is considering getting into politics. She is ambitious, disciplined and has everything it takes to make the world a better place. I thank her for talking to me about her hopes of making a difference for people with diabetes.

This is an incredibly important private member’s bill, because it addresses something that really concerns me: The reality that people with diabetes across Canada are being treated very differently depending on what province or territory they live in. I thank the member for bringing this bill forward and for her passion on this very important issue.

I am very happy to be here to discuss why it is important. A couple of years ago, Juvenile Diabetes spokespersons came to have a conversation with me. I met with two teenagers, one from Alberta and one from British Columbia. That day, I learned that people living with diabetes could have something inserted in their arms that would allow them to scan their blood sugar levels very quickly with their phones.

There was no more need for pricking fingers or carrying around those tools: They could quickly scan to see how things were going and address them as needed.

The problem is that in one teen’s province, there is a monthly fee for this service, and in the other teen’s province, there is no fee at all. It really broke my heart when I heard from the mother of the teen who was in the province where a monthly fee was required. She and her husband had been doing really well paying that monthly fee, until her husband got hurt on the job and was off work.

Their income went down significantly. The mother told me that one of the hardest choices they had to make was to acknowledge that they could no longer afford the monthly fee, which meant that their daughter had to have the pump removed and move forward. No parent ever wants to do that. It completely broke my heart. I do not think any parent in the country would be happy if they had to make a decision between the health and well-being of their child and feeding them.

I recognize that across Canada, many parents have children who have health issues. They really struggle to afford, or cannot afford, the basic medication they need to make sure that their children are well cared for, and this is one example. We need a better strategy. It is important to point out that a national pharmacare program would address this issue and ensure that parents would not be making choices, such as these parents had to, between their children’s health and well-being and feeding them and keeping a roof over their heads.

The facts are very clear. Individuals with diabetes cannot regulate their blood sugar properly. Diabetes causes many physical health issues, and is a cause of debt for more than 7, Canadians every year. Diabetes also impacts the mental health of people who have diabetes, as well as their families. It is time for Canada to take this seriously, and the bill before us is one step towards doing so. This bill asks the government to bring together all provinces, territories, indigenous leaders and stakeholder groups to create a plan to support those living with diabetes more holistically.

Diabetes is a chronic disease, and it is so important that the federal government do more to support Canadians living with diabetes, particularly those who incur significant out-of-pocket costs because of it. Too many Canadians living with diabetes are unable to afford the medications, devices and supplies they need. When medication and supplies are unaffordable it leads to bigger health issues, which can lead to an early death.

That is just not acceptable in a country as wealthy as ours. Families and loved ones feel this reality, and it is really scary for them to always worry about what they will do if they cannot afford what those people need.

Not too long ago, I received a message from a constituent who had just been diagnosed with diabetes, and she was really scared. She was not sure how she would afford the medication.

Fifty-seven per cent is more than half of Canadians who have this chronic disease. This is important because research indicates that when a chronic illness is managed, the expense is lower and the health of the individual increases. Preventative supports matter. They allow people to care of themselves and prevent repetitive visits to the emergency room caused by a lack of access to medications, devices and supplies.

Again, we have to think about what this means in Canada. It is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and these realities exist because people cannot afford their medication. This is why Canada’s New Democrats recognize that there is an urgent need to for universal, comprehensive and public pharmacare, a plan to ensure that all Canadians have access to the medications they need when they need them, that we do not have people like my constituents staying up half the night wondering how they will afford this new expense in their lives.

This must include coverage for diabetes devices and supplies, such as test strips, syringes, insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors. Sadly, we have seen the reality that the Liberals and the Conservative governments, one after another, continue to deny this measure that would create a more affordable and a fair system to care for the well-being of people across Canada.

It would save significant money by lessening emergency health care costs, which are extremely high and terrible for the health of people who cannot afford their medication. Universal health care would also support businesses that have multiple challenges when they have a team member or a loved one who has health issues. In some cases, even with health insurance people cannot afford the cost of their medication. Just weeks ago we heard the government make promises, but when it actually had an opportunity to support pharmacare, it said no.

How many times do Canadians have to wait and ask again for this human rights-based approach? I will be supporting this bill. It is a step that will at least support people living with diabetes.

I hope the government will support it as well. The concerning reality is that so many families that apply for the disability tax credit when they have children who are born with diabetes lose it when those children come into adulthood. The Government of Canada has rejected these applicants in the past.

When is in place, I hope it stops denying this small tax credit. Most important, ensuring that people have access to the RRSPs they invested in for many years is absolutely key for me. There is a lot of injustice for people living with chronic illness. I hope the bill will at least help one portion of the community. However, I want to remind everyone in the House that only pharmacare will make it a more fair system for everyone in the country. Having a national framework for diabetes is long overdue.

I want to take the time, first and foremost, to recognize the need. It is important to note the impact diabetes has on the health of over three million people in Canada. Including Canadians who are prediabetic, that number is closer to 10 million-plus, keeping in mind our population of As a government, we continue working with our partners, including provinces and territories, indigenous organizations, stakeholders and organizations such as Diabetes Canada, to strengthen the efforts that support diabetes prevention and care for all Canadians.

For me, it is about prevention and treatment, and there is so much we can do. I have had the opportunity to speak on this before. I want to emphasize Diabetes Canada and the fantastic work it does.

In fact, people can get all the relevant information they need from it, not to mention all the things they can do to improve the quality of their lives or, in some cases, minimize the negative impacts diabetes has on people through healthy living and so forth.

If they go to diabetes. From my perspective, Diabetes Canada clearly shows leadership. As a national organization, it can assist regional organizations.

My colleague has hit this right on, that there is a need for a national perspective, a national framework designed to support and improve Canadians’ access to information on diabetes prevention and treatment. This bill is all about that. It is about working with provinces and territories, indigenous leaders, communities, different stakeholders, bringing them together and making a real difference.

I am hopeful that we can pass the bill. There are two types of diabetes, and I got this information from the diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and is also known as an insulin-dependent diabetes. People with type 1 diabetes are not able to produce their own insulin and cannot regulate their blood sugar because their body is attacking the pancreas.

The website states:. Roughly 10 per cent of people living with diabetes have type 1, insulin-dependent diabetes. Type 1 diabetes generally develops in childhood or adolescence, but can also develop in adulthood. People with type 1 need to inject insulin or use an insulin pump to ensure their bodies have the right amount of insulin.

There is so much we can be doing from a national perspective by encouraging, promoting and supporting, in whatever ways we can, a national strategy. I commend my colleague from Brampton and those individuals who were there to support her initiative to bring the bill to the floor of the House of Commons.

I trust and hope that my colleagues on all sides of the House will see fit to pass this bill as soon as possible, maybe even today. The bill has been brought forward by our colleague, the member for Brampton South , and I would like to take a moment to comment on her dedication to seeing this bill passed and her overall concern for the health of Canadians.

The member, who I served with for many years on the health committee, has always been one of the most non-partisan and collegial members of the committee. Her sincere desire to improve health outcomes for Canadians has always been her underlying motivation, and it has been an absolute pleasure to work with her on that committee.

The situation with diabetes in Canada is truly shocking. About three million Canadians live with diabetes. One in three children and one in 10 adults live with the disease. People with diabetes are over three times more likely to be hospitalized with cardiovascular disease, 12 times more likely to be hospitalized with end-stage renal disease and almost 20 times more likely to be hospitalized for non-traumatic lower limb amputation compared to the general population.

That is a huge weight on our health care system. There is no doubt that diabetes is a serious chronic disease and it is on the rise. It is a disease that occurs when the body is either unable to sufficiently produce or properly use insulin.

Over time, left untreated, it can damage blood vessels, nerves and organs such kidneys, eyes and heart, resulting in the serious complications that I mentioned, and ultimately death. It poses a challenge not only to those living with the disease, but also to their families, communities and the health care system. Therefore, any investment in reducing the rate of diabetes in our country should translate into long-term savings to our health care system.

It just makes senses that we deal with this issue head on and deal with it now. Also, each year close to , Canadians are newly diagnosed and many more diagnosed as prediabetic. Not all individuals with prediabetes will develop diabetes, but the chances increase if steps are not taken to manage it. Fortunately, recent studies have shown that changes in lifestyle, primarily diet, physical activity and weight management, can delay or even halt the progression.

However, there is no question that we need to look at diabetes as a national problem and come up with a national framework, which Bill C proposes. The aging of the Canadian population, largely a result of baby boom cohort, has been one of the major factors contributing to the increase in the number of Canadians living with diagnosed diabetes.

The increasing incidence is shocking. If any other health issue like cancer had increased in comparison, we would declare a national emergency and pull every fire alarm. Why do we not do it in this case? I believe it is because of the ongoing and unfair stigma that those with diabetes are simply lazy, unhealthy and authors of their own problems, which is simply not the case. Diabetes is complex and the people affected by it are not always in full control of their health conditions. We need to stop thinking that this is entirely a lack of personal health.

At the same time, we should also not underestimate the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. As part of any national framework on addressing diabetes, it is critically important that we look at the issue of organ donation.

I know the member for Brampton South is also very supportive of organ donation and improving our system in Canada. Diabetes, at its root, is a malfunctioning pancreas that fails to make the necessary amounts of insulin at the right time. A transplant can cure this problem and eliminate the need for insulin shots, but we need more people to donate these life-saving organs. It is possible to be a living donor and donate a pancreas, but this is rare and most donations come from deceased donors.

Typically, these transplants last 10 to 12 years, so unfortunately multiple transplants and multiple donors are required over time. When it comes to kidney donations, the situation in Canada is quite dire, with more than 3, people on the waiting list.

The demand is high because kidney transplants are in need for more than just diabetics. The wait time can range from months to years. Many never get their second chance at life. The good news is that people can be living kidney donors. They can donate one of their kidneys to save another. I admire the member for Edmonton Manning , who did so for his son. Of course, live donations are a complex process and are required because we do not have enough deceased donors.

The point is this: Canadians can dramatically improve the life and health of type 1 diabetics by becoming organ donors, so I strongly encourage all Canadians to register on their provincial organ donation registries and let their loved ones know of their decision. Sadly, a pancreas transplant is not really an option for those with type 2 diabetes because that type of diabetes occurs when the body generates a resistance to insulin or is unable to utilize it properly.

Their bodies just do not make insulin, which is a situation where a pancreatic transplant would be required. A constituent of mine, Brooklyn Rhead, a grade 12 student at St. Francis High School, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in February of last year. She suffered severe symptoms for about a year before her diagnosis. Her symptoms included extreme thirst, hair loss, fatigue, inability to concentrate and weight loss.

I am confident that she will reach her goal, so I applaud her. More than , Canadians have type 1 diabetes, and Brooklyn’s efforts are creating awareness.

It is an important contribution to finding the answers. Many are desperately longing for a cure. We know there is a need for a cure. We know there is political will. We know the need is urgent. We know the need is growing. As Parliamentarians, we need to move this bill along as quickly as possible to make that difference. From my own personal experience, I have seen excellent pieces of legislation die when an election is called, so I hope we can get this to the Senate and get it passed as soon as possible before a writ is possibly dropped.

Brooklyn and three million other Canadians are watching. They are counting on us to get the job done, so let us get it done. As we talk about stakeholders, it is my pleasure to stand in my place today to share with the House the advocacy efforts and work of one of my own constituents, Maya Webster.

Maya is 10 years old, and she will continue advocating for type 1 diabetes research until a cure is discovered. JDRF is a global charitable organization with the goal of ending type 1 diabetes through research funding and advocacy.

Kids for a Cure was a week-long virtual event that connected youth delegates with Canada’s decision-makers and politicians.

They were able to illustrate the daily challenges faced by people living with type 1 diabetes and to ask for more direct support from the government. The foundation had three main asks during that lobby effort. They asked for the federal government to renew a partnership with JDRF and the Canadian Institutes of Health and Research, and for the federal government to create a national diabetes strategy, which is why we are here today.

They also asked for more people to be able to access the disability tax credit. As part of their consultation, delegates created virtual slide shows to give personal overviews of what living—. The time provided for consideration of Private Members’ Business has now expired. The order is dropped to the bottom of the order of precedence on the Order Paper. This response will be quite long, but it is necessary, as this is an extremely serious and important issue, and it is important the government fully responds to the intervention from the member.

I want to begin by repeating what the Prime Minister said on March He said:. We have moved forward in significantly strengthening measures to support survivors of sexual assault and to create more processes so that armed forces members do not have to face sexual assault in their workplace or in their service. I will address the points made by the member for Portage—Lisgar , and I will offer a point-by-point rebuttal that will demonstrate her conclusions can only be reached by a scrambling of the chronology of events and by presenting evidence out of context.

In addition to that, the member also provides false information to the House about the date of a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office and uses this misleading and incorrect chronology to try to make her case, in what can only be seen as an attempt to mislead the House.

The member is entitled to her own opinions, but she is not entitled to her own facts. Her misleading statements to the House are very serious. From the outset, I would like to state that the Prime Minister never misled the House, deliberately or otherwise. The Prime Minister has been consistent at all times in the information he has provided to the House on this issue. There are some key points I would like to make before I address the specifics raised by the members.

First, the member for Portage—Lisgar is absolutely incorrect in her assertion that the Prime Minister knew in that the allegations against General Vance were a matter of a MeToo complaint. Speaker, every person deserves a safe work environment. I first learned of allegations against General Vance in Global News reporting. Secondly, the member states that the Prime Minister’s Office was aware of the nature or the details of the allegations against General Vance in Statements in the House and evidence at committee will show this to be false.

Thirdly, the member states that the Privy Council Office, a separate body, independent from the Prime Minister’s Office, was aware of the nature or the details of the allegations against General Vance in Fourthly, the member states that the Minister of National Defence and his office were aware of the nature or the details of the allegations against General Vance.

Fifthly, the member states that the Clerk of the Privy Council was aware of the nature or the details of the allegations against General Vance.

The member for Portage—Lisgar is trying to show that her argument passes the three-point test to determine if there is a prima facie question of privilege. The evidence will show that the first of the three criteria has not been met, which makes the second and third ones impossible to meet.

The evidence will demonstrate that only by scrambling the chronology and providing information out of context could the member for Portage—Lisgar come to the conclusion that the Prime Minister misled the House. The evidence provided before the House in committees will clearly demonstrate that the Prime Minister did not mislead the House in any way.

I would now like to address the points made by the member, point by point. The member points to responses that the Prime Minister gave to questions from the Leader of the Opposition on April Speaker, the Minister of National Defence was aware of allegations of sexual misconduct against General Vance in The Clerk of the Privy Council knew.

The Prime Minister’s senior advisor knew. The Prime Minister’s chief of staff knew. Did the Prime Minister know? Speaker, the Minister of National Defence was aware of sexual misconduct allegations against General Vance in The Clerk of the Privy Council was aware.

The senior adviser, Mr. Marques, to the Prime Minister was aware. The chief of staff to the Prime Minister was aware in Was the Prime Minister aware of sexual misconduct allegations in ? Let us take a look at both the questions and the answers.

First, the assertions in the questions are false. This is backed up by testimony before a standing committee of the House. Let us start with the Minister of National Defence. The minister states very clearly, at the Standing Committee on National Defence on March 12, that he was not aware of the nature or specific allegations against General Vance in At the very end of this private conversation, Mr.

Walbourne brought up concerns of misconduct involving the former chief of the defence staff. He did not give me any details. I did not allow him to give me any details. I very purposely respected the investigative process to ensure that it remained independent.

The minister also makes clear, at an earlier appearance before the national defence committee on February 19, that he only learned of the nature and specifics of the allegations against General Vance in early , stating:. I was as shocked as everyone else at the allegations that were made public two weeks ago.

The former clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Wernick, in testimony before the national defence committee on April 6, stated the following:. I learned of the specific allegations earlier this year in the media reports I was not aware of the specifics of the allegation.

I became aware of them this year. There had not been an investigation. The only person who knew about the seriousness of the allegations at the time was Mr. On the issue of the former senior adviser to the Prime Minister , Elder Marques, who was tasked with following up on allegations against General Vance, here is what he said before the national defence committee on April I believe I was told that the issue was an issue of personal misconduct.

I think my presumption was certainly that it could be of a sexual nature, but I don’t think I was actually given that information specifically. On the issue of what the Prime Minister knew, Mr. Marques said the following:. I did not brief the Prime Minister on this issue, and I’m not aware of any briefings of the Prime Minister on this issue. On why he took the information to the Privy Council Office, Mr.

Marques said:. The reason for going to the Clerk of the Privy Council is that the Clerk of the Privy Council is responsible for the apparatus that now needs to do its best with the resources that it has to respond. At this stage, there is not anything that the Prime Minister is supposed to do in relation to this information, and I would suggest in fact it would have been problematic had the Prime Minister or other members of cabinet or other political staff tried to insert themselves at that point.

At that point, PCO is fully engaged. They have advisers who are engaged. No one was not appreciating the seriousness of the issue. I think any involvement at that stage could risk being counterproductive, even if it’s in good faith and just trying to ensure things are moving along.

My reason for going to the clerk is that the clerk now had responsibility and he had work to do to make sure that everything that can be done in, frankly, quite unusual circumstances is done and that we hopefully get to a point where there is a proper investigation where we can find out what occurred.

That then may lead to the involvement of others who may need to make decisions as a result of that. Marques was clear he was not aware of the nature or the specifics of the complaint. Marques brought this information to the independent officials at the Privy Council Office. The government followed the proper process. This is, might I add, the same process the previous government followed.

It is useful for context here to point out the current leader of the official opposition was made aware of misconduct rumours in It was serious enough that he asked his staff to notify the Prime Minister ‘s chief of staff, who then took it to the Privy Council Office for review.

In other words, they took the same steps the government followed. I have a hard time taking the Leader of the Opposition seriously when he criticizes the exact process he and his government followed. Regarding the Prime Minister ‘s chief of staff, the Prime Minister was clear in the House on March 10 that his office knew of unspecified allegations against General Vance in but was unaware of the nature of specifics of the allegations. Speaker, my office was aware of the minister’s direction to the ombudsman to follow up with appropriate authorities, but my office and I learned of the details of the allegations over the past months only.

Testimony at a House standing committee demonstrated that the Minister of National Defence was not aware of the nature or specifics of the allegations against General Vance in Testimony at a House standing committee demonstrated that the Prime Minister’s senior adviser was not aware of the nature or specifics of the allegations against General Vance in The Prime Minister has told the House that his office, including the chief of staff, was aware of unspecified allegations in but was not aware of the nature or specifics of these allegations.

Furthermore, testimony at a House standing committee demonstrated that the Clerk of the Privy Council was not aware of the nature or specifics of the allegations. Let us take a look at the replies the Prime Minister gave to the questions from the Leader of the Opposition. This is how the Prime Minister replied to the first question:. Speaker, as I have been saying for some time now, yes, there was a complaint against General Vance.

Nobody in my office or in the Minister of National Defence’s office knew the nature of the complaint. We clearly have to improve the process. We have to make sure we create an environment in which people who want to bring forward allegations feel supported. That is the kind of situation and the kind of system we are creating.

Here is how the Prime Minister replied to the second question:. Speaker, what the Leader of the Opposition is putting forward is simply untrue. While there was awareness that there was a complaint against General Vance, there was no awareness that it was in fact a MeToo complaint of a sexual nature. These are issues that we have continued to work on seriously as a government.

I need to highlight that the leader of the official opposition had heard a rumour of misconduct back in It is the exact same process that played out in under the previous Conservative government as played out in our government, but we have taken far more actions to change the culture for the better of our military.

Context is important here. The Prime Minister was answering questions about what his office and the office of the Minister of National Defence knew in The Prime Minister told the House that he was not even aware that there were allegations in and did not learn about these allegations or the nature of these allegations before the beginning of The Prime Minister has consistently told the House that his office was aware of unspecified allegations but not of their specifics.

The Minister of National Defence told the committee that he and his office were aware of unspecified allegations but not of the nature of these allegations. All of this evidence demonstrates that the Prime Minister has been consistent in all of his statements in the House regarding what and when he knew, what and when his office knew, and what and when the Minister of National Defence and his office knew.

I want to address the issue that the member for Portage—Lisgar raises around emails from Janine Sherman, the deputy secretary to the cabinet responsible for Governor in Council appointments. Sherman sent a draft email that the Minister of National Defence could use to respond to Mr.

This can be the only explanation due to her testimony before the national defence committee. Walbourne on March In my email exchanges and in my meeting with Mr. Walbourne, I did not receive information upon which to take further action. Other emails also demonstrate that Ms. Sherman did not have any details about the nature of the unspecified allegation.

An email to Mr. Walbourne, using the text provided by Ms. In a further email to Mr. Walbourne from Ms. In Mr. Walbourne’s testimony before the national defence committee on March 3, he states:. I told her [Ms. Sherman] that I was surprised she knew about that. I had asked the minister to keep it in confidence, and I told her the same thing I said to this committee, that I wasn’t going to give her the name of the complainant or the details of the allegation because the complainant had asked me to respect that confidentiality, and that’s exactly what I did.

The information was never shared with Ms. Sherman by Mr. Sherman prepared. Contrast this with her testimony before the committee where she was categorical that she did not know the nature of the unspecified allegation and it becomes clear that her early reference in the draft email was speculation.

This is backed up by the fact that when this draft email was written, Ms. Sherman had only spoken to Mr. Marques about this issue and he has clearly testified that he was not aware that the allegations against General Vance were sexual in nature.

The member for Portage—Lisgar also points to Ms. Sherman’s testimony at the national defence committee, portraying it in a fashion that deliberately attempts to muddy the waters, to try to demonstrate that the Prime Minister and his office knew the nature of the allegations against General Vance. Nothing could be further from the truth. The member points to earlier emails and conflates them as if they were the basis for later discussions with PMO staff. In fact, those discussions were subsequent to Ms.

Sherman speaking to Mr. Further, Ms. Sherman never stated in her testimony before the committee that she discussed the nature of the complaint with the PMO. The opposite is true. She testified that she was not aware of the nature or specifics of the allegations. If Ms. Sherman was not aware of the nature or specifics of the allegations, how can the member assert that the Prime Minister was aware of the nature or specifics of the allegations?

How can the member assert that the PMO staff, or the Minister of National Defence and his staff, knew the nature or specifics of the allegations? It just does not make any sense. All of that shows the following: The Prime Minister was not aware of any allegations, nor of the nature or specifics of any allegations in The Prime Minister’s Office was aware of allegations but not of the nature or specifics of those allegations in The Minister of National Defence and his office were aware of allegations but not of the nature or specifics of those allegations in All of that is completely consistent with what the Prime Minister said in the House.

I now want to move on to the statement from the Prime Minister on March 10, which the member for Portage—Lisgar referred to. Is it the Prime Minister’s position that no one made him aware of the allegations of misconduct against General Vance three years ago? The Prime Minister replied, stating:.

Again, that statement is entirely consistent with the facts. The member for Portage—Lisgar referred to an exchange in question period from March 24, in which the Prime Minister stated:. Speaker, allegations of sexual misconduct or inappropriate behaviour need to be followed up by the appropriate authorities, and that is exactly what happened in this case. The ombudsperson was directed toward the right people in terms of following up on an investigation.

The ombudsperson was not able to share further information with the investigators and, therefore, the investigation did not move forward. We will continue to take very seriously any allegations that come forward, as we always have. We will continue to work to ensure that there is a change in the culture and better systems in place. The member for Portage—Lisgar offered up this quote as an example that the Prime Minister , his staff, the Minister of National Defence and his staff had specific information about the nature of the allegations against General Vance in I am going to repeat that.

That is simply not the case. That is yet another example of the member playing fast and loose with the chronology of events and trying to use information out of context. In this instance, the Prime Minister commented in March about a situation from with added context about the nature of the allegation he informed the House about on February 24, , which he learned from media reports in early As I stated earlier, the Prime Minister has been clear about when he first learned about the allegations against General Vance.

When asked about Mr. Walbourne provided to the committee, and look forward to setting the record straight when the opportunity comes to speak at the committee. In his appearance before the national defence committee on March 3, Mr. Walbourne confirmed that the minister was not aware. As I said, the minister didn’t want to see the evidence. The minister did the right thing. He did not get involved in the investigation and he asked his office to transfer the non-specific complaint to the independent officials at the Privy Council Office.

He followed the same process that was followed by the previous government. The member for Portage—Lisgar is wrong. She is trying to prove that Mr. Walbourne’s testimony undermines the statements made by the Prime Minister in the House on March 10 and That is absolutely not the case. The Prime Minister continued to give consistent answers with regard to what he and his office knew and when.

The evidence showed that the Minister of National Defence told the House and the committee that he did not agree with Mr. Walbourne’s testimony to the effect that Mr. Walbourne had shared the nature and specifics of the complaints against General Vance with him. The evidence also shows that Mr. Walbourne testified that only he and the complainant were aware of the evidence. Nothing about Mr. Walbourne’s testimony changes the fact that the Prime Minister has been consistent in the information he has provided to the House since day one.

In response to the member for Portage—Lisgar’s claims about Mr. Wernick, the former clerk of the Privy Council, the evidence provided earlier indicates that he testified before the Standing Committee on National Defence and that it was not until earlier this year that he learned the nature and specifics of the allegations through the media.

The member quoted Mr. Wernick’s testimony in committee where, in trying to answer a question, he speculated on the content of emails from three years earlier, emails that he was not copied on and that he did not have access to during his appearance at committee.

This does not prove that the Prime Minister knew about the unspecified allegations against General Vance or the nature and specifics of those allegations in This does not prove that his employees or the Minister of National Defence and his employees knew.

On the contrary, Mr. Wernick himself said that he was not aware of the nature or specifics of the allegations until earlier this year. I want to turn to a very important issue that has been completely misrepresented by the member for Portage—Lisgar. The member tried to portray that the Prime Minister ‘s statements about what his office knew extend to the Privy Council’s Office, as if they were one and the same.

This is simply not the case. Janine Sherman, in her testimony before the national defence committee on March 26, made the point about the independence of the Privy Council Office when she stated:. We are able to provide advice impartially and based on principles of good governance to the government of the day.

The member of Parliament for Mississauga—Lakeshore asked Ms. Sherman the following question:. That is an important principle of Westminster government. The elected representatives do not carry out investigations, and manage the details of those kinds of things, because they are elected. The separation of their role from the independent and non-partisan public service is important in ensuring independence and fairness. All of those principles are necessary in terms of ensuring fair outcomes, and procedural fairness for individuals through processes, such as investigations.

Ray Novak, former chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, made the same point when he appeared before the committee on March 22, stating:. The member knows that the Prime Minister’s Office is not an investigative body. Senior officials in the Privy Council Office are the ones responsible for interacting with the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces with respect to this matter.

To provide Mr. Walbourne with additional support, senior officials in the Privy Council Office were informed of the complaint regarding the former chief of the defence staff. As I stated, me, the Prime Minister or any politician should not get involved in an investigation. What we needed to do—and we did—was to make sure the information got to the Privy Council Office, who are responsible for governor in council appointments In addition to these statements before the committee, the Prime Minister addressed this issue before the House on March 10, when he stated:.

We take all allegations seriously and ensure they are followed up on by the appropriate independent authorities. That is exactly what happened in this situation. After the defence ombudsman received a complaint, the minister directed him to independent officials who could investigate.

My office was aware of the minister’s direction to the ombudsman. Those officials never received further information, so were unable to move forward with an investigation.

On April 27, the Prime Minister said this in the House:. Speaker, as a government, we have consistently stood up for survivors. We have stood up against harassment and intimidation in federal workplaces across the country, and indeed in the Canadian Armed Forces. We have made significant investments in improving systems and accountability, and we will continue to do that.

In , when a complaint came forward, we forwarded it to the Privy Council Office so it could do the follow-up necessary, but unfortunately the ombudsman was not able to reveal the full extent because he did not have permission.

We need to create a system in which people feel supported to come forward. It is clear that when the Prime Minister was talking about his office, this was his ministerial office and not the Privy Council Office. The fact that any investigation of Governor in Council appointments happens independently of politicians through the independent official Privy Council Office is a clear demonstration of this separation. The facts speak for themselves. The Prime Minister himself was not aware that there was an unspecified allegation in , much less the nature of that allegation.

He has clearly and repeatedly told the House that he was not aware of the nature of the allegations against General Vance, and that he only learned of it after Global News reported it in early The testimony from the Minister of National Defence , Ms.

Sherman, Mr. Marques and Mr. Wernick confirms that the specifics of the allegations were unknown until Global News reported that information. The member for Portage—Lisgar claims that the Prime Minister’s statements in the House and in the media kept changing. The evidence simply does not support that claim. On the contrary, the Prime Minister’s statements have been consistent all along. Was the Prime Minister personally aware of unspecified allegations against General Vance in ?

Was the Prime Minister aware of the nature of the allegations against General Vance? The Prime Minister has clearly and consistently told the House and the media that he first learned of the nature and specifics of the allegations against General Vance in early , when Global News reported on them.

Nothing that the Prime Minister has said, nothing that the witnesses said, and nothing mentioned in any document contradicts the Prime Minister on this point. Was the Prime Minister aware of any allegations against General Vance in ?

The Prime Minister has clearly and consistently told the House and the media that his office was aware of certain unspecified allegations, but was not aware of the nature or specifics of those allegations.

Once again, nothing that the Prime Minister has said, nothing that the witnesses said, and nothing mentioned in any document contradicts the Prime Minister on this point. On the issue of the statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office, again the member for Portage—Lisgar is misrepresenting the chronology. The member then goes on to state that this means that the Prime Minister issued a public statement prior to his statement in the House that his office was aware of concerns regarding General Vance.

Here is what the member Portage—Lisgar said:. That means the Prime Minister has issued a public statement prior to his statement in the House that his office was aware, as the defence minister has stated, that he raised concerns of a sexual nature regarding the chief of the defence staff. There are two problems with the member’s statement. One, it did not happen before the Prime Minister’s statement in the House on March If anyone is misleading the House, it is the member for Portage—Lisgar.

The second problem with the member’s statement is that it completely mischaracterizes the facts. The member states that the Prime Minister’s Office was aware that the Minister of National Defence raised concerns of sexual misconduct regarding the chief of defence staff. The Minister of National Defence has been consistent that he was not aware of the nature of the specifics of the allegations against General Vance until Global News reported on it earlier this year.

The Prime Minister has also been consistent about this. The member for Portage—Lisgar tries to portray that there is a contradiction between the statement issued by his office on April 23 and the statement he made in the House of Commons on April This is completely false. There is no contradiction. They are entirely consistent with what has been said all along. As I indicated at the beginning of my intervention, the Prime Minister was answering questions about what he knew in , and as I have outlined, what he knew in about the specific allegation against General Vance was nothing.

His office knew that there were unspecified allegations against General Vance, but did not know the nature of the allegations. The member for Portage—Lisgar tries to make the case that her arguments demonstrate that this issue meets the test for a prima facie question of privilege. Test one is, did the Prime Minister provide information that was misleading the House? I have provided evidence to the House that demonstrates that the Prime Minister did not provide misleading information to the House.

The record is clear, and the record shows that the Prime Minister has been consistent in the information that he provided to the House on this issue at all times. Test two is, did the Prime Minister know that the information he provided was false?

The evidence, as presented, demonstrates that the first test has not even been met, as the Prime Minister did not provide misleading to the House. Given that the first test has not been met, it is impossible for the second test to have been met.

The evidence clearly demonstrates that the Prime Minister did not provide misleading information to the House and he could, therefore, not have knowingly done so.

Test three is, was the Prime Minister intending to mislead the House? The evidence I have put forward to the House demonstrates that the Prime Minister was consistent at all times in the information that he provided to the House, and so he did not mislead the House. He could therefore not have knowingly or deliberately done so.

Therefore, it is impossible that the third test could have been met.

Blair Dane

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