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Pros: « Seat was comfortable and cool. What are the most reliable airlines from London to Vancouver? Cons: « The seat was very uncomfortable. If your flight to Vancouver is in the spring or autumn, you will experience a true and defined season, rather than feeling the weather changing abruptly between winter and summer as in other gancouver. Sometimes travel dates aren’t set in stone. Canada Line. I usually need cheap flights to vancouver canada from uk jacket.


Cheap flights to vancouver canada from uk. Cheap flights to Vancouver


Heathrow to Vancouver. Leeds to Vancouver. Bournemouth to Vancouver. Cardiff to Vancouver. East Midlands to Vancouver. Stansted to Vancouver. Gatwick to Vancouver. Exeter to Vancouver. Dublin to Vancouver. Belfast Intl to Vancouver. Northern Ireland to Vancouver. Grimsby to Vancouver. Edinburgh to Vancouver. Shetland to Vancouver. Belfast City to Vancouver. Southampton to Vancouver. Liverpool to Vancouver. Manchester to Vancouver.

Derry to Vancouver. Norwich to Vancouver. Darlington to Vancouver. Newquay to Vancouver. Luton to Vancouver. Belfast to Vancouver. Glasgow to Vancouver. Wales to Vancouver. Sheffield to Vancouver.

Newcastle upon Tyne to Vancouver. Shannon to Vancouver. Ireland to Vancouver. Birmingham to Vancouver. Coventry to Vancouver. England to Vancouver. Aberdeen to Vancouver. Doncaster to Vancouver. Bristol to Vancouver. Cork to Vancouver. Inverness to Vancouver. London to Vancouver. Scotland to Vancouver. Prestwick to Vancouver. Show more. Cheapest flights to Canada Not set on Vancouver? See the cheapest flights to Canada. Airfare prices updated on 6 Oct Popular flight searches Check out other popular destinations found by fellow travellers in Flights to Ohio.

Flights from Manchester to Athens. Flights to Japan. Flights to Bilbao. Flights from Manchester to Dubai. Flights to Saint Kitts and Nevis. Flights to Spain. Flights to Cuba. Flights to Argentina. Flights to Nepal. Flights to Egypt. Flights to Victoria. Popular cities in Canada Cheap flights to Toronto. Cheap flights to Calgary. Cheap flights to Montreal.

Cheap flights to Halifax. Cheap flights to Ottawa. Cheap flights to Winnipeg. Cheap flights to St. Pros: « See above. Zurich is a very easy airport and even though our layover was short we never felt rushed or stressed. Cons: « Very rough landing. They dropped plane 5 or 6 times minutes before landing almost puked my guts out ». Pros: « Good food, friendly staff ». Cons: « Expired cheese. Loudest plane I have ever been on. Pros: « Everything was great. The staff did a really nice job at making us all feel comfortable and they were eager to help with our needs.

Pros: « The staff was helpful and professional and kind. The equipment was new and clean. The flight was on-time and uneventful. I would fly this airline again any day of the week. Cons: « The entertainment screen was difficult to see when the person in front of me reclined because the screen was not perpendicular to my line of vision.

I survived based on the other qualities of the flight. Cons: « Checking bags took longer than I would have liked. Pros: « Comfy seats. Friendly staff. Lots of food and beverage options ». Cons: « The length of the flight. But I don’t know how to make it shorter ». Cons: « Boarding was chaotic Crew was friendly but rarely came through Offering water during a 12 hr flight Also did not enforce « shades down » during the The night And did not respond to call lights ». Pros: « The food, the crew, and the smooth landing ».

Cons: « The seats. Kind of uncomfortable ». Cons: « The seat was horrible and had no cushioning. Worn out and non manintained seating systems. Had body pain ». Pros: « Decent food great chocolate , polite attendants and updated aircraft ». Cons: « Contrary to most experiences in Switzerland, the Swiss Air boarding process is a damn mess! Most airlines board by rows or boarding groups, but Swiss Air does none of that. As soon as first class is boarded, they open boarding to all seats, so it’s like cattle boarding a train.

With Swiss Air, don’t wait to get in line – do it early to ensure you get carry-on storage near your seat. Cons: « No plugs for USB chargers in economy. Entertainment units were broken. Pros: « Loved the food and wine.

Very comfortable flight and the staff was wonderful ». Pros: « We were able to purchase an upgrade at the airport — was a great experience. Pros: « Short flight. Not much is expected. Not a huge deal since it’s a short flight. Cons: « No negatives or anything that caught me off guard. Pros: « Crew member Tania Galic was very helpful ». Pros: « – direct flight ». Cons: « Crew took way too long to do the drink service. With only one bathroom in the back, they blocked the aisle for 45 min ».

Pros: « Great staff. Super friendly. Nice website. Clear and easy policies to follow. No problems with them. They also offer second chance upgrade offers via email if you purchase the tickets directly from them. Cons: « The armrest in coach doesn’t go all the way to 90 degrees if the other person isn’t in the chair next to you.

Pros: « Great food, no turbulence, great service and my skis flew for free! Pros: « Flight was only 1 hour late ». Cons: « My screen was broken, as was the one next to me and the two seats in front of me. I would have brought my iPad if I knew the screens were out. The Stewart told us they were out last time he was on that plane as well!

Warm and friendly staff with great service. Took longer to get our bags than the actual flight. But when I do!! I fly delta!! Cons: « Provide earphones or headphones ».

Pros: « Everything except the delay was fine, not extraordinary. Cons: « 7-hour flight delay. We were not offered anything to compensate us for a 7hour delay, which was ridiculous. Pros: « The crew on this flight was amazing, and boarding was right on time. Cons: « It was pretty hot on the airplane.

Could have regulated the temperature a bit better. Pros: « Nothing ». Cons: « 13 hour delay ». Pros: « Good service great aircraft ». Cons: « Takes along time to get off airplane with everyone getting their bags from the overhead bins ».

Pros: « The crew were nice. Cons: « We could have used more legroom between the seats. Cons: « No delay ». Pros: « Everything met my expectations ». Cons: « Refreshments ». Pros: « Never made the connecting flight. Pros: « The male in the crew was fantastic!!! As always love the entertainment options.

Cons: « Uncomfortable. Stuffed between two large men. Cons: « Departure delayed by 1hr30 ». Pros: « Great entertainment options! Cons: « The seats are still too small. I also wish there were hot options for food.

Pros: « Inflight experience was fine. Cons: « Regular fare seat assignment not available prior to gate. Airport concourse F – poor – limited services. Customer Service seemed uninterested and unable to provide service both on phone and at gate. Pros: « It was on time ». Cons: « Plane too cold. Pros: « I was very impressed with the flight attendants.

The premium seats were very comfortable. Pros: « Boarding and Arrival went smooth and quick. We were early to our destination. Short 3 hour flights are always easy. Pros: « On time.

Pros: « Flight was fine. No real complaints other than a talkative neighbor when I wanted to sleep. Cons: « Talkative neighbor when I wanted to sleep. Very narrow and cramped cabin. Pros: « The seat was comfy foe the whole 20 min flight ». Cons: « You delayed my flight. Missed my connection and got. Now I have to miss work tomorrow ». Cons: « Being late ». Pros: « People were great ». Cons: « Air vents and the side of aircraft felt like it was loose and falling off.

Cons: « We landed hours late and sat on runway for 1 hour. On top of that this plane was our 3rd equipment change. Pros: « Great experience ». Pros: « Good clean aircraft. Fairly comfortable seats. Even had a power outlet in my row.

Not too bad for an aircraft from the late 70s. Cons: « for some reason, i had to pay to gate check a bag. It didnt seem like anyone else did while boarding my flight. Pros: « I was rerouted. Cons: « No one would reissue me a ticket for the next flight.

Delta and West Jet kept saying the other company should do this, and in the end no one did and I had to purchase another ticket. Smooth ride and on time. I like that! Pros: « No complaints. A puddle-hopper to a yes. Pros: « All that one would want. Pros: « Service and staff ». Cons: « Hard to get comfortable even in easy comfort but easy comfort is better than typica arats.

Pros: « Smaller plane, aisle seat with a lot of leg room 5c , smooth flight ». Cons: « There were extra seats to begin with and I was traveling alone with an infant. She barely slept the whole flight and I had a stuardis in a red dress who whem I asked for for a beverage made it seem like I asked for it right now. Didn’t say a word Else to me until it was time to land and my daughter had just fell asleep.

She told me. I had to take her out of the baby carrier. My daughter needed a diaper change and there were no places to change her. I tried to change her by the door really fast. The stuardis said no go change in a bathroom I asked which one had a changing station they said none and to just change in my lap. Plus my car seat was broke when I got it back. Cons: « Very uncomfortable, seats did not recline and seats way too close together.

Pros: « NothIng ». Cons: « Horrible customer service coming and going. Horrible service on the plane and mostly, some of the rudest people I have ever had to deal with. Delta should take lessons from SWA. By the way, this isn’t the only bad experience I’ve had. Flown Delta 4 times over last six months and almost the same. Pros: « Comfortable seats and incredible kind staff ». Cons: « No food, drinks, or entertainment. But it was an extremely short flight. Cons: « Long delay ».

Cons: « Delayed over 3 hours with no explanation from Delta or any information. Once boarding finally began, another 30 min went by before they closed the plane again without any explanation.

As a connecting flight after a long international flight, it was awful. Unfriendly and impatient staff. Pros: « Great staff, polite and helpful ». Pros: « Very clean aircrafts ». Cons: « Don’t like how you have to pay extra to pick your seat. This is something that budget airlines usually do, so I was surprised Delta did this. I was unable to sit with my boyfriend, because we elected not to pay additional fees to pick our seats, yet there were many open seats on our plane.

I would choose United over Delta, as they don’t force you to pay extra to sit with those you are traveling with. Cons: « No westjet checkin area and no signage. Staff didn’t know what was going on. No entertainment although TV screens on during flight. Long trip not enough snacks for the kids , crew are not very helpful.

Pros: « Yes ». Pros: « Food and plane ». Cons: « No Free WiFi in the airport, and the salad on the plane was taste-less. There was not entertainment device on the plane. Cons: « Long delays, poor information, cold food and an entertainment system that wouldn’t play films properly. Pros: « The crew, the food and the entertainment on demand. Cons: « A frightful flight due to the footstomping, loud, singing, annoying, intimdating andintoxicated English football fan onboard; who were heading from Istanbul to Ukraine for football finals between Liverpool and Madrid I believe.

Their behavior made the trip the worst I have ever experienced. As I was seated in the business class section, I can only comment about what I saw and heard there. In that cabin, the cabin crew served alcohol to people that were clearly drunk, yet continued to provide more alcohol. The finale was when the rear section of the plane broke out in vulgar and loud football songs; being picked up by the drunken holigans in the business class section.

At this point I was fearful for my physical safety knowing the history of footballers fueled by alcohol. In addition, had there been an onboard emergency, a planeful of drunk passengers would have added to the potential for disaster. Pros: « Service in person and on the phone – really appreciated the line – was excellent. I found competent and confident and kind people at every interaction. All online and all other tech was spot on.

The on-board experience was painless and full of nice touches. Cons: « Nothing comes to mind. Pros: « Beautiful and clean plane. Great service. Excellent seats that become beds with sheets and full pillows and warm covers. The food selection is great and tasty. Cons: « Nothing to complain about ». Pros: « 13 hours went by fast enough. Pros: « We didn’t crash ». Cons: « Took too long. Build a transporter soon ». Pros: « It’s all great.

Pros: « In flight entertainment is great! Good selection of movies, nice screens. Cons: « No vents at seats on Airbus , AC was set at high temp so I was frequently way to warm to be comfortable. This is on both our main flight to Istanbul and our short transfer to Athens. You get what you pay for I suppose. Still I usually need a jacket. Food was Pros: « Great food!

Also, the selection of movies and TV and other entertainment choices was wide. Seats weren’t bad for an overnight flight. Cons: « No complaints ». Pros: « Great short flight and we even received a meal as well as free headphones. Pros: « Service and people ». Cons: « Long lines and security pat downs Pros: « Staff was very good ». Pros: « Everything ». Pros: « Crew was friendly and interactive. Entertainment was preety good. Cons: « long waiting queues for checkin even if you checked in online.

Pros: « Could put a bag under the seat. Advanced AV options. Food was OK. Cons: « Cabin was too hot. I complained and they adjusted it. The seat really doesn’t go back much at all. Pros: « The staff were very friendly and welcoming ». Pros: « The plane ride was very smooth.

The attendants were kind and helpful. Pros: « Service was ok , but not trying too much ». Cons: « Ask for some milk for my tea , I was egnored once ,second time got an answaer « there is non » ». Pros: « Nice aircraft ». Cons: « Quantity of food served was less for 13 hour flight ». Pros: « I like the Airline and I think the food is good, the problem sometimes is when you travel a lot you get the same food : The crew are always great! I do a lot of connections in Istanbul and we never missed one in about two years flying there at least 4 times a month.

Cons: « During boarding they do not always board the Gold members first and in some cases when they do it is only to go on the bus before the others. I would like the Gold members to go first with either a bus of their own to at least with part of the bus reserved and we are allowed first on the plane. Pros: « Movies on board ». Cons: « It was cancelled twice, and the third flight redirected to Bodrum, southern Tirkey. Should have taken us another route if Istanbul had a snowstorm.

Pros: « Flight delayed Pros: « the crew was very nice and helping Cons: « nothing all was good ». Cons: « Crew didnt act like they liked their job ». Pros: « The movies and good coffee ». Cons: « They ruined my bags. The crew moved slow.

They spoke little english and they weren’t that interested in the quality of my experience. Pros: « Price and flight time and arrival. Cons: « Your crew at boarding treat people with no respect. I saw the boarding next door to us. The flights info was not put on board due to computer problem! The whole airport system was down for hours. The flight of Najaf city was next gate to my flight gate and one of the crew lead was disrespectful to the people and he rejected few people from the flight so he can collect money from them!

Pros: « The meals and the service, even in economy class. Pros: « Service was excellent. Cons: « 1 The foot rest blocks the ability to stretch your legs. A very uncomfortable 12 hour flight. As a result, I will probably go with another European airline on my trans-Atlantic flights. Every other airline I have flown offers these on long haul flights in the galley – usually a small snack like chips or cookies.

Your flight attendant told me that she would be serving the second meal in about 4 hours. Really, I was shocked that nothing was available in between meals on such a long flight. Pros: « Service and food ». Cons: « Leg room on flight ». Pros: « Crew, plane, entertainment. Cons: « That it took 4 day’s to get my luggage. I deserve to be compensated. Pros: « I like Turkish Airlines. The flight was good. I thougt only food was somewhat not as good as usual.

I flew with TA many times and the food offerings always had stood out from other air companies. In general it was great flight. Pros: « Two really good meals and there were snacks in the back for the time inbetween. The crew was friendly. This was the best flight I’ve experienced in a few years.

Cons: « Too little leg room. My knees touched the seat in front. Cons: « Poor Business class Entertainment system didn’t work Seats didn’t recline Boarding was terrible Staff at Istanbul airport very bad Organisation terrible support very bad ». Pros: « Security at the Ataturk airport. Airtight and curious. No wonder terrorists could only strike outside. Cons: « Departure time is always ten tative with Turkish. Even though they clearly were expecting a late departure, passengers weren’t notified.

When boarding time was pushed back 30 minutes, it was already 22 minutes overdue and it started much later then eve n the pushed back time. Pros: « Very Modern plane, good seats an entertainment system, reactive crew.

Pros: « The in flight entertainment was great ». Cons: « Boarding process was delayed and there were no updates to tell us about it. I was feeling ill and asked a crew member for water she told me she would run and get it and I saw her walking around for 45 minutes before I asked her again and it took her another 30 minutes.

In that time I watched her fulfill requests for headphones and other unecessary items. We were sat directly behind a screaming baby and directly in front of 3 wildly misbehaving children for the entire 10 hr flight. The crew allowed the family behind us to sit 5 people to the 4-person row, including a 7-year old sitting on the mom’s lap who kicked seats and pulled my hair over the top of the seat. I recognize that misbehaved children are not the fault of the airline but it seems like in the future grouping families with children together might be a resolution.

We went 10 hours without sleep because the kids kept kicking our seats and sticking their feet through our armrests. The airline also offered zero vegetarian food options for this flight unlike others which offered pasta.

We went 10 hrs having eaten a single bread roll and a bowl of pudding. After these two flights I’ll likely never fly Turkish again. Pros: « Food, service, attitude.

Cons: « In Istanbul airport not enough people speaking English. No USb to charge my phone. Pros: « Food, crew ». Hard to get customer online. Not happy atall will never use kayak again. Never got to board the flight, was stranded at the airport for 10 hours. Clean and comfortable short flight. Arrived on time. Pros: « The crew was friendly, the food delicious, and the plane itself in highest quality and state-of-the-art.

Pros: « Amazing! Cons: « Nothing all good really ». Pros: « The crew ». Pros: « Speedy boarding and good locker space ». Cons: « Lack of room in seat especially with seat in front reclined. Cons: « My tv screen could not show the movies ». Pros: « The crew were really nice and seemed to genuinely care about the passengers, were approachable and were very happy to chat with passengers and help them out. Cons: « The food options always seem to run out by the back of the plane and this time didn’t match the menu they gave me at the start of the flight, not that I minded because the option I was given was pretty tasty.

Cons: « Getting home 5 hrs later than planned ». Pros: « My flight was canceled and Virgin Atlantic gave us a free room in the hotel Ramada. My next flight was at and I asked Virgin Atlantic agent am I allowed to stay in the room until time for my flight comes, he confirmed yes and gave me breakfast, lunch, and dinner voucher.

However, next day around 12 I got call from Front Desk that I have to leave my room right away because it’s time to chack out and If I want to stay longer I have to pay. I called Virgin Atlantic agancy again and the agent run my information and said to me I can stayin the room longer. After that I called front desk to confirm that but they said they didn’t hear anything from Virgin Atlantic and I have to leave the room by 1pm.

All of this was really unpleasant! Cons: « I didn’t like anything. I didn’t like the communication between Virgin Atlantic with travelers, communication between Virgin Atlantic and hotel Ramada. Everything was really poorly. Pros: « Really friendly crew, they go the extra mile to make passengers happy and comfortable. Cons: « There was a boarding delay but flight still arrived in Hong Kong on time.

Pros: « The food was great. The flight attendants were very courteous and took excellent care of all passengers ». It was a great flight, no complaints ». Pros: « Movies. Pros: « Crew were friendly and courteous ». Cons: « Poor drink selection. Food mediocre. I felt like I was in the living room of the Beverley Hillbillies.

Loud people, dressed like slobs. No manners ». Pros: « Crew was amazing and we got fed so often. The movie choices were good.


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