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7 octobre 2022by Blair Dane

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Sep 01,  · Oh, Canada. On Friday, news broke that thieves had stolen some $30 million worth of syrup from Quebec’s strategic maple reserves. Yes, you read correctly. Much as the . Dec 01,  · Quebec, which produces 73% of the world’s maple syrup, was hit hard by the smaller output—production fell by about a quarter due to the weather issues. As global sales . Nov 26,  · The Quebec Maple Syrup Producers are releasing 50 million pounds of maple syrup from its strategic reserves. Universal Images Group via Getty. The Biden .


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But harvesting maple is a fickle business, and that makes expanding the industry tricky. The trees need cold nights and mildly warm days to yield sap, meaning production can vary greatly year to year based on the weather.

That’s a potential problem for the big syrup buyers, whether they’re bottlers or large food companies that make cookies or cereal. Quaker can’t pour a bunch of time and money into developing a maple and brown sugar flavored version of Life, only to find out it won’t be able to get enough of its ingredients, or that they’ll have to pay through the nose for each liter of syrup.

Same goes for buyers in Asia, which are already taking a risk by trying to introduce customers to a new flavor. The reserve makes sure there’s always enough syrup for the market. As Farrell explained, each producer sells their harvest in bulk to the federation — a government-sanctioned cooperative — which turns around and deals it to bulk buyers. When production is high, the federation siphons a portion off to store in steel drums for future use.

Not long ago, Farrell said, the maple industry found out just what kind of calamity could ensue when if stockpile ran out. In the early aughts, the government began opening new forest areas to maple production. To keep the additional supply from cratering prices, Quebec’s federation introduced a quota system.

Unfortunately, that limited reserves, which ran dry after three years of weak harvests. It was a short-ter windfall for producers that had the potential to do longterm damage as buyers were priced out of the market, Farrell said. In response, the federation nixed its quotas in order to rebuild its surplus. So who on earth would want to raid the reserves? Farrell offered me one theory, which seemed reasonable enough.

The company that owns the New Brunswick facility where the syrup was found, S. Exports, told the Globe and Mail it had bought the maple syrup from a regular supplier in Quebec. A lawyer for that Quebec supplier said the company believed it had purchased the maple syrup legally. Exports has in the past clashed with the owners of the maple syrup reserve, the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, the Globe notes.

The federation had sued the company, accusing it of buying maple syrup from unauthorized sources. The answer, succinctly explained in this article at The Atlantic , is that maple syrup production is very unpredictable, varying widely from year to year.

A maple syrup reserve ensures the industry has enough supply to meet demand during low-production years. Warren Buffett has been making a bold bet on oil prices over the past year. While oil prices have cooled off on fears that we’re about to enter a global recession, that slump has reversed recently thanks to OPEC. These Emails Suggest Otherwise. Dow 30 29, Nasdaq 11, Russell 1, Crude Oil Gold 1, Silver CMC Crypto FTSE 6, Nikkei 27, Read full article.

Jordan Weissmann. September 2, , AM. Oh, Canada. Story continues. Recommended Stories. Yahoo Finance Video. The Wall Street Journal. Insider Monkey.


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